Student Health Insurance Initiative

There is no need for school children to be uninsured!
With some students in Philadelphia going without health insurance, PCCY has begun a campaign targeting parents to enroll their children in the two available public health insurance plans.

The yearlong Student Health Insurance Enrollment and Renewal Initiative concentrates on three South Philadelphia high schools – Bok, Furness and South Philadelphia High – with the aim of signing up as many students as possible into CHIP or Medicaid.

The project has expanded to include all School District schools and children.
To spread the word about the campaign, PCCY is distributing flyers to the school counselors and nurses, and asking the faculty to pass them out to the kids. Printed in six languages, Cambodian, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Vietnamese and English, the flyers have a phone number to PCCY.

Applications for the kids can be taken over the phone.
The hope is that PCCY can enroll at least 60 percent of the uninsured kids in the three target schools and that knowledge of the program will spread throughout the entire district.

Loraine Iglesias has joined the PCCY staff to help parents fill out their child’s health insurance application. She can be reached at 215-563-5848 x19 or

You can download copies of the fliers (PDF format) to copy and disseminate:

The project is supported by the Fund for Philadelphia’s Children.