arts education advocacy

In these difficult times, budget deficits threaten the advances of our arts programs in Philadelphia.  Even in difficult times we should act on what we know… that the arts make school more engaging and welcoming for all students and that they serve a critical need. We know that...

  • The arts have been linked to more learning and achievement for young children who are low income and in need of remedial instruction;
  • Students involved in the arts develop attention and memory skills that are essential to academic success;
  • Studies confirm that student involvement in the arts link to higher academic performance, higher standardized test scores, more community service and lower dropout rates.

Picasso Project grantees have been spreading the word about the importance of arts education. Here are some examples of how Picasso Grantees spread the word:

  • Testified in front of the SRC and before legislature;
  • Contacted local representatives through letters, phone calls, and office visits;
  • Held public forums on the importance of art in our schools;
  • Spoke publicly on the local radio and podcasts.

Picasso Project works together with ArtsRising to spread the word and increase support for arts education in the city and the region.

How Can I Make A Difference?  Tell the School Reform Commission, School District leaders and your local legislators: Don’t let the curtain close ... on success, on creativity, and the arts.