About PCCY

Imagine A Better World For Children. Then Do Something About It

Imagine a world safe for childrenImproving the lives and life chances of our region’s children through thoughtful and informed advocacy.


Helping children and families access quality health care.  Thousands of children have health insurance because we assist them by phone in filling out applications and we work to improve the system and their care.

And we campaign...

  • to increase and strengthen Medicaid and CHIP for all children
  • to improve access to children’s behavioral health care
  • to increase the opportunities for children to secure dental care
  • to improve their vision care

Helping expand the affordability, quality and accessibility of child care

And we campaign...

  • to strengthen the network of high quality child care in the region
  • to increase the number of children who have quality pre-kindergarten programs
  • to develop more quality infant and toddler programs and good early childhood policy
  • to increase the possibility of more children arriving at school ready to learn

Helping improve public education

And we campaign...

  • to improve the adequacy and equity of funding in our children’s schools
  • to improve the learning opportunities of all children
  • to improve school climate and personal attention available to children in our schools
  • to increase the opportunities for all children to be engaged in the arts and successful in school

Helping strengthen families and communities

And we campaign...

  • to strengthen the safety net of community services to vulnerable families
  • to support afterschool programs and safe communities

PCCY can’t work without you because...

The Bottom Line is Children.