Endowment Fund

The past presidents of the PCCY Board have organized an Endowment Fund to ensure PCCY’s future as the critical voice for children in the Philadelphia area.

Our goal is to raise $2 million, modest in comparison to other campaigns, but it will make a crucial difference in sustaining PCCY’s vital mission into the future. For without strong and effective advocacy, the prospects for children are bleak indeed.

This endowment was launched within our PCCY family to a limited group in November, 1997. The response so far has been tens of thousands of dollars in a combination of cash and pledges. We are excited and confident we can meet our goal and we hope that you will consider a major gift to this endowment fund.

This gift represents your pride in our organization’s accomplishments and your commitment to PCCY’s mission, “to protect the lives and life chances of our region’s children.” Please take some time now to think about how you might best seize this opportunity to support the future of PCCY. Now and twenty years from now, this city will need to be concerned about the welfare of its children and youth. Help insure that PCCY will be here to make the happen.


Members of the PCCY Past President’s Council

Richard Frazier, Crickett Hastings, Jim Martin, John Riggan, Jose Rivera-Urrita,
Don Schwarz, Fasaha Traylor & Pat West

If you are interested in participating in our new monthly contribution program, please call the office at 215-563-5848 x 11. (Monthly contributions have to be $20 or more per month for 12 months